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How to Win the fight against your excuses

Are you struggling to stay consistent with your fitness program? Struggling to find time or motivation to workout? Your biggest obstacle is not what you think it is! Everyone struggles with this from time to time, and it is easy to find yourself stuck on the roller coaster of inconsistency. Sign up for this course, and learn how to hit the fitness reset button to re-establish how fitness fits in your life. Learn how to keep fitness a priority in your life, no matter what life throws at you.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is struggling to make fitness a consistent part of their life.
Anyone who has recently gone through a major life change, that has thrown them off track with their fitness plan.
Anyone who is unhappy with their current health in any way, and wants to improve things.
Anyone who is struggle to get past the “I’m too busy” obstacle

Inconsistency Destroys Results

If you are failing to consistently get your workouts in throughout the course of the week, there are several things that could be the reason why. Most likely though, it is because what you are trying to do doesn’t fit in your life. What you do for fitness has to fit in your life. If it doesn’t fit it won’t be there very long. If you are ready to start getting long term results, then let’s hit the reset button and figure out how fitness best fits in your life! Sign up for The Fitness Reset Mini Course below!

Karetta Charles

“Chad was very easy to work with! He shared so many gems at the Moving Beyond Excuses Virtual Series that not only supported me but the participants who were also trying to quit with the excuses and embark on a more meaningful fitness journey. He surely knows how to inspire people to prioritize fitness, well he should, because he wrote a book about it!’

Karetta Charles


Traci Lynn

“Chad is the real deal! He is an expert at helping busy professionals elevate their life by figuring out how fitness best fits in their busy schedule. Think you are too busy? Talk to Chad.”

Traci Lynn

Host of the Age Slayers podcast

Angela Santana

“We loved having Chad as a Speaker for our National Wellness Expo. He did a great job, and was fun to work with!’

Angela Santana


Follow These Steps

Step 1

Click the button below and register for The Fitness Reset Mini Course

Step 2

Complete the lessons in the mini course, and use my 4-step formula to figure out how fitness best fits in your life.

Step 3

You have completed the course and are now a Fitness Fisherman. In the future, whenever life throws you a curveball, you can use the G.A.I.N formula to simply hit the reset button and keep fitness a priority in your life.

In This Course You Will Learn

What it is that causes us to fall off track with our fitness plan.

Most people fall off track at least 2x a year with their fitness routine. Imagine how your life could be different if you knew what caused this to happen, and you keep fitness a priority in your life all year long. This is one big take a way you will get from this course.

How to use my 4-step formula (G.A.I.N) to become a Fitness Fishermen.

You have heard the analogy before…If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish you will feed him for the rest of his life. In this mini course you will learn my 4-step formula that you can use to hit the fitness reset button whenever you need to, and use fitness as the vehicle to drive you to being your best self.

The 2 getting started questions you must always answer when hitting the reset button.

Hitting the fitness reset button begins by getting your mind right. You will learn the 2 questions you must always re-ask yourself when beginning a new fitness program, if you want long term success.

How to become a Donut Slayer, and overcome any obstacle

Most people let uncontrollable obstacles become their excuse as to why they do poorly with what is in their control. You will learn how to do your best with what you can control, and pivot to overcome the obstacles that you can not control.

The fastest way to reach your goals, and how to avoid temporary success

The longer we are off track with our fitness routine, the deeper our desire gets to look and feel better. This makes us easy prey for those promising us instant gratification with little to no work on our part. In this course you will learn how to avoid the illusion of instant gratification, and find the path that will actually get you to your goal.

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Meet Your Coach

Chad Austin

Chad helps his clients figure out how fitness best fits in their busy lives. He is the owner of Priority Fitness in Overland Park, KS. Priority Fitness was named after Chad’s best selling and award winning book series, “Make Fitness A Priority.” Chad is a regularly called upon fitness and wellness guest expert for local and national media. He was the host of the talk radio show, “Be Fit…For Life, and has been a featured guest on over 50 podcasts.

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